The Garda Commissioner has rejected the finding of a disciplinary tribunal that recommended a garda found to have engaged in inappropriate behaviour be fined.

Drew Harris wrote to the garda offering him the option of resigning from the force or giving reasons why he should be retained.

The garda's behaviour, which was of a sexual nature, was filmed and posted online.

The garda was wearing an official jacket with a garda logo, and was in the footage with a woman who is not a garda.

A garda car was also seen in the video.

An investigation commenced to identify the garda involved and disciplinary proceedings ensued.

An internal tribunal found the garda guilty of bringing the force into disrepute and recommended he be fined two weeks' wages.

However the Garda Commissioner refused to accept this recommendation.

The garda, who has been suspended from duty, has 10 days to respond to the Commissioner's letter.

He can also appeal his case to an appeals board.