A new stamp based on Irish weather, namely rain, has been issued by An Post.

The new ‘A Stamp for Ireland’ depicts the Irish weather and features the blue sky and green fields of the Irish landscape, with sheeting rain.

The 'rain' is metallic silver raindrops are words in Irish and English that An Post says "are everyday expressions for rain".  They include "rotten", "bucketing", "wetting rain" and "raining stair rods", "ceobhrán" and "brádán".

The stamp carries a ‘W’ (worldwide) designation for international posting.

In a statement, An Post says that like the Inuit peoples who have 50 different words for snow, the Irish have accumulated a similar number describing rain.

The concept is the work of Amsterdam-based Irish designers, The Stone Twins. Garech and Declan, who have taken a witty approach to stamp design using weather to represent Irish identity and the Irish people’s obsession with rain, in all its forms, as a topic of conversation.