The sixth summit on the housing crisis has taken place in the Custom House in Dublin.

The chief executives of the country's 31 local authorities were among those in attendance.

The first emergency summit on the issue was held in December 2014 following the death of Jonathan Corrie, a homeless man, outside Leinster House.

It was hosted in the Mansion House by then minister for the environment Alan Kelly and involved homeless charities and representatives of the four Dublin local authorities.

It has since been expanded to include housing, as well as homelessness, and has taken place alongside the Rebuilding Ireland programme, which began in 2016.

Although Rebuilding Ireland has so far exceeded its targets, the homeless problem has continued to worsen.

In December 2014, there were 2,858 adults and 880 children in emergency accommodation.

Four years later, in December 2018, figures showed 6,194 adults without a home - an increase of 117% - and 3,559 children homeless, up 304%.

This is despite the provision of 77,121 social housing units over the same period.

This involves 23,193 local authority homes through new builds, acquisition, leasing, restoration of voids and regeneration.

It also includes 53,928 supported tenancies in the private sector through the Housing Assistance Payment and Rental Accommodation schemes.