Members of Ireland's Polish community have been donating blood as part of the 'Bloody Foreigners' campaign.

The campaign, organised by the Immigrant Council of Ireland, the Irish Blood Transfusion Service and Forum Polonia, aims to celebrate Poles' contribution to keeping Irish blood supplies stocked.

Hundreds of Polish people living in Ireland have pledged to give blood as part of the campaign, and donors have been visiting clinics in Dublin and Cork throughout the day.

In 2017, the Irish Blood Transfusion Service had 79,000 blood donors. 1,123 of these were Polish.

Teresa Buczkowska of the Immigrant Council of Ireland said the campaign was based on a successful one of the same name in the UK.

She said there is a culture of giving blood among Poles, but some needed a push to get into the habit of donating after a move abroad.

Stephen Cousins, Irish Blood Transfusion Service National Donor Services Manager, said: "We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and stories from the Polish blood donors in Ireland. It is clear we couldn’t do without regular donations from our Polish neighbours."