The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that searches of garda security systems did not find evidence that either Sergeant Maurice McCabe or former head of the garda press office, Superintendent David Taylor, were targeted by gardaí as suspects.

The inquiry heard that Tribunal Chairman, Mr Justice Peter Charleton, witnessed the searches of the garda security and intelligence files during a visit to garda headquarters last year.

Retired chief supt Peter Kirwan gave evidence that there were no files in the Garda Security and Intelligence section on Sgt McCabe or Supt Taylor.

He also said neither were subject to surveillance and there was no file or document which presented them as targets or suspects or in a derogatory context.

Mr Kirwan also said there was no application to intercept Sgt McCabe's phones.

The inquiry heard that there were ten applications to examine the usage of Supt Taylor phones as part of the criminal investigation into unauthorised disclosures of information.

Mr Charleton visited garda headquarters on 31 July last year to witness various searches being carried out.

The inquiry heard that Sgt McCabe was mentioned in some security files but this was in relation to security operations the sergeant had participated in.

Mr Charleton said the references to Sgt McCabe were as a conscientious policeman doing his duty, but there was nothing to suggest an official policy against him or the targeting of him in files.

On Monday, the Tribunal will hear from central witness Supt David Taylor.

His wife Michelle will also give evidence later next week.

The inquiry will then question former minster for justice Alan Shatter, followed by former garda commissioner Martin Callinan.