The role of women in the 1916 rising has been hailed as "critical" at a ceremony in Dublin today.

The 1916 Relatives Association held its annual Commemoration of the Easter Rising in the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square.

The group's Noreen Byrne, a granddaughter of a 1916 combatant, said up to 300 women took part in the Rising, and that they were "strong, independent women prepared to resist prescribed roles."

She added that women of the time were supposed to be "genteel", but the women of the Rising wanted to play an equal role in building a new Ireland, and to be treated equally with men.

The ceremony was attended by several hundred people, many of whom were related to those that fought in the Rising.

Ciara Burke sang a rendition of The Foggy Dew, while Lynn Brady recited Liam McUistin's poem, We Saw A Vision.

The Proclamation was read out by Donna Cooney.