Wedding World in Marino in Dublin has closed suddenly leaving up to 200 brides without bridesmaid dresses for their big day.

A recorded message on the Wedding World phone states that the shop had "ceased trading".

It goes on to say that "all standing orders will be processed by the Dessy group" and a phone number is given for customers to contact in the UK.

Michelle O’Neill, from the Dessy Group who spoke to Joe Duffy on RTÉ's Liveline, said her company only became aware of the situation on Thursday after learning that Wedding World would close over the weekend.

She said that ahead of this there was no indication that the shop was going to shut.

She said Dessy is owed "a lot of money" going back over the last year and there are about 130 women who had ordered dresses and paid Wedding World, but which Dessy has not received nor been paid for.

Ms O’Neill said that she believes there may be as many as 200 women who have placed orders with Wedding World and who are waiting to have those orders fulfilled.

These women have paid on average a 50% deposit on these dresses.

Dessy says it is fielding as many phone calls as it can for brides in April and May, so they can get their dresses.

Dessy is the sole supplier of dresses to Wedding World. Ms O’Neill said that Wedding World had been making efforts to clear down the account with Dessy since last October.

However, she explained to customers who had complained in the past about the time it took to receive dresses that this was due to Wedding World being slow in making payments for dresses to the supplier.

Wedding World did have three stores in Ireland up to last year, but transferred all stock and orders from Galway and Limerick to Dublin last October, according to Ms O’Neill.

The Dessy Group is trying to fulfill orders for customers who have paid in full, however Ms O’Neill told RTÉ’s Liveline that people who have paid a deposit to Wedding World need to contact their credit card company to start the process of getting a refund.

However, anyone who paid Wedding World in full, but has not had their order passed on, will likely be left without dresses unless they want to make a fresh order with Dessy.