An amateur sailor from Dublin is hoping to become the first Irish person to sail non-stop, single-handed around the globe, without using modern technology.

Gregor McGuckin is the only Irish entrant in the 2018 Golden Globe Race, which gets under way in July.

He is currently completing a refit of his boat, a Biscay 36 ketch, at Malahide boatyard.

Entrants are limited to use the same type of yachts and equipment that were available to competitors in the original Sunday Times event 50 years ago, which means sailing without modern technology or the benefit of satellite based navigation aids.

"It also means no mobile phone, no Kindle and no MP3 player," said Mr McGuckin.

The 31-year-old will carry food supplies for nine months and intends to harvest rainwater along the way.

He has partnered with a publisher who is putting together a primary schools education programme "designed to engage children in the GGR adventure and the marine environment".

Mr McGuckin is seeking other sponsors or partners to support the project.

"I am working flat out to make my ultimate goal a reality. It will be a challenge like nothing I have done before and I am throwing myself completely into it," he said.

The original Golden Globe Race took place in 1968.

The new Colin Firth movie, 'The Mercy’, is based on that race and tells the tragic, real life story of Donald Crowhurst, one of the competitors.