Three new jurors have been sworn in for the trial of former Anglo Irish Bank boss David Drumm after three jurors from Monday had difficulties serving.

Mr Drumm, 51, from Skerries in Co Dublin has pleaded not guilty to conspiring with others to defraud and to dishonestly furnishing false information to the market, giving the impression that Anglo's deposits were €7.2bn greater than they were.

The trial is expected to last up to five months and an extended jury panel of 15 people was initially sworn in to try him.

Yesterday, Judge Karen O'Connor told jurors that an issue had arisen and she discharged the former jury at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

It then took two hours to swear in a fresh jury of eight men and seven women. 

This morning, the court heard that difficulties had arisen overnight with three jurors and Judge O'Connor excused them from serving.

It then took just under an hour to replace these jurors, with 39 people called to serve and 34 excused from serving.

Judge O'Connor told the jurors that if any of them had a difficulty serving on the jury they should bring it to her attention immediately. She said she would not look kindly at being told of difficulties at a later stage.

She sent the new jury of 10 men and five women home for the day to return to court tomorrow.