The 14 homeless families currently staying in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin are being offered alternative accommodation by the City Council, according to the group working with them.

Inner City Helping Homeless said it was a welcome development. The families have been told they have to leave the hotel by the end of the month.

The group’s CEO, Anthony Flynn, said extensive work had been carried out to find accommodation for those affected since they were told about the move late last year.

A spokesperson for the Dublin Region Homeless Executive said it was very happy with the progress made on the issue.

She said the matter was expected to be fully resolved in the coming days.

A meeting of Dublin City Council’s Housing Committee has heard that half of the families will be going to the family hub created in Lynams Hotel across O'Connell Street.

Meanwhile, a number of councillors want legal action against the Gresham Hotel for telling the families to vacate their rooms.

Councillors passed an emergency motion asking for legal advice on whether the hotel is in breach of equality legislation.

Deputy Chief Executive Brendan Kenny said the priority was to move families out of hotels into better accommodation.

He said there were no plans to take legal action as the advice was it would not succeed and could involve the families in a case that would drag on for years. Mr Kenny agreed to circulate the legal advice.

It emerged last week that the 14 homeless families were informed they would need to vacate the hotel by 1 February.

In a statement, the owners of the Gresham Hotel said it was beginning a refurbishment of bedrooms next month that would reduce the capacity, which in turn meant it had to turn away a number of business opportunities, including from Dublin City Council.