Two men who have been 'best friends' for 29 years have announced they are to get married next month in Co Tipperary.

While that in itself is not an unusual development, the story is made more interesting by the fact neither man is gay.

Michael O'Sullivan has been best friends with his 85-year-old neighbour Matt for almost three decades, and is now his carer.

Speaking on RTÉ's Liveline on Radio 1, Mr O'Sullivan said that Matt told him he was planning on leaving his house in Dublin's Stoneybatter to him when he died.

Mr O'Sullivan said this posed a potential problem as "because of tax reasons I'd have to pay half of that to the Government" in Capital Acquisitions Tax.

However, people who are married or in civil partnerships are exempt from Capital Acquisitions Tax on items of inheritance from their partner.

Speaking on the same programme, Matt said "he's my best friend, we're getting married so whatever I have in my home he can have."

The pair had planned on getting married on 22 December in Co Tipperary, but say that due to weather conditions the nuptials may be postponed until January.