The Environmental Protection Agency has said the evidence that Ireland is being impacted by climate change is now clearer and more compelling than ever before. 

In a report about the scientific evidence of climate change impact in Ireland, it highlighted particular concerns about sea level rises.

The report also warns that between 350 and 600 square kilometres of coastal wetlands, floodplains and estuaries are vulnerable to saltwater inundation.

The EPA says that adaptation actions to reduce our vulnerability to climate change impacts are needed, and must make sense from an economic and environmental perspective.

The lead author of the report, Dr Margaret Desmond, said: "observations of the atmosphere, oceans and land show that Ireland's climate is changing. The observed scale and rate of change is similar to global trends.

"These changes are projected to continue and increase over the coming decades," she added.

Dr Desmond added that since the first State of Knowledge report on climate change was published in 2009, the impacts on Ireland have become clearer.