The Public Accounts Committee is to seek legal advice on whether they can question the authors of a Deloitte report on the funding of the care of 'Grace', a vulnerable young woman who was left in a foster home for almost 20 years despite a succession of sexual abuse allegations.

Sinn Féin Deputy David Cullinane said the committee had a duty to examine the report, which was commissioned by the HSE.

He added that he had concerns about the independence of the report.

The chair of the committee, Fianna Fáil’s Sean Fleming, said he wanted to ensure that the committee did not interfere with either the work of the newly established Commission of Investigation into the case, the Farrelly Commission, or a High Court settlement on the funding of Grace's care.

The whistleblower, whose original evidence led to the removal of Grace from the foster home, had raised concerns about the report.

The whistleblower expressed concern over the omission of a table from the report, which quantifies the HSE's under-funding of Grace's care in terms of a percentage cut to the provider's funding levels.

Mr Fleming said the committee would seek the advice of the Oireachtas Parliamentary Legal Advisor on the issue.