The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that Garda Keith Harrison's partner was exhausted during the eight-and-a-half hour long interview when she made a statement against him alleging he threatened her.

Marissa Simms' lawyer said she was exhausted at the end of the interview and did not know what was going on and she was saying yes to things.

Inspector Goretti Sheridan, who conducted the interview, said that was not apparent and she said Ms Simms knew exactly what she was doing.

Under cross-examination, Insp Sheridan of Letterkenny Garda Station admitted Ms Simms was exhausted and that it was generally undesirable to interview someone for such a long time.

However, she said that Ms Simms was not coerced to make the formal statement on 6 October 2013.

Ms Simms withdrew the statement three months later, but at that time she said she still stood over the contents.

She later made a complaint to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission about it.

Hugh Hartnett, SC for Ms Simms, said much of the statement was true but he said the Garda questioning was leading and suggestive.

Insp Sheridan denied this.

He also said the statement was not read back to her.

Insp Sheridan said the full statement was read to Ms Simms at the end of the interview.

Ms Simms statement detailed alleged threats from Garda Harrison. She said she was frightened of him and that he was obsessive.

The tribunal is investigating contacts between Tusla and gardaí about Garda Harrison.

Insp Sheridan said Ms Simms was free to leave at any time during the interview, and was free to ask for food.

She denied that she had asked intrusive and intimate questions.

Mr Hartnett said Ms Simms was hospitalised three days later for an infection and he said it was likely that she was "suffering" during the interview.

Insp Sheridan said that was not apparent.

Mr Hartnett also said that Insp Sheridan needed to get a statement for a criminal prosecution, although she knew Ms Simms did not want to make one and he suggested Insp Sheridan used her "wiles" to get one. 

She also rejected a suggestion that she had not told Ms Simms that the statement would be referred to the Health Service Executive.

Insp Sheridan said she would have said that she was duty bound to a pass it on.

Mr Hartnett also said Ms Simms did not say that she was "put out" of the house three times and instead, she left voluntarily.

Insp Sheridan denied that she presented Ms Simms with the text of the withdrawal statement to sign.

Mr Hartnett said it contained "Garda speak" and was not in Ms Simms' own words.

Insp Sheridan said that was not correct and the statement was not prepared by her.

Under questioning from Desmond Dockery for the AGSI, Insp Sheridan agreed that discussion with a witness is not the same as interrogation of a suspect and she said she was sympathetic to Ms Simms.

She said the eight-and-a-half hoursit took to record the statement was not exceptional.

 Mr Dockery cited an interview the Tribunal's investigators conducted with Chief Superintendent James Sheridan which took 10 hours and 42 minutes.