The Dislosures Tribunal has heard that a query sent by senior gardaí to GSOC about Garda whistleblower Keith Harrison did not constitute a complaint, and no investigation was carried out.

In October 2013, Superintendent Eugene McGovern and Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn of Letterkenny station sent to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission, statements taken from Garda Harrison's partner, Marissa Simms, and her mother.

The statements alleged threats Garda Harrison made to Ms Simms.

It was sent under the criteria that there was a risk of death or serious harm.

GSOC investigator George O'Doherty said today that the correspondence did not meet the criteria for a complaint.

Garda Harrison's lawyer Mark Harty said five senior gardaí were sitting in a room making a complaint that no reasonable reading of the Garda Síochána Act said could be made.

Lawyers for the An Garda Síochána, said it was reasonable for gardaí to pass on the statements under that criteria, and threats had also been made in front of children.

When Mr O'Doherty followed up the query with Ms Simms, she said she did not want any investigation carried out and the file was closed.

In late 2014, Ms Simms contacted GSOC seeking written confirmation that the case had been closed.

She said that gardaí were at that time investigating the behaviour of her partner, Garda Harrison, on the foot of statements made by her and her mother in October 2013.

GSOC sent that letter in January 2015.

In August 2016, Ms Simms lodged a complaint to GSOC alleging ongoing harassment and intimidation by Donegal gardaí of her and her partner.

She has alleged that this has caused them to move house several times and that it includes fabrication of death threats against her partner.

Tribunal hears mother of garda's partner was urged to leave him

The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that Garda Keith Harrison's partner was repeatedly urged by her mother to leave him.

Rita McDermott gave evidence today about difficulties between Garda Harrison and her daughter, Ms Simms, in the early stages of their relationship.

She gave a statement to gardaí on 2 October 2013 outlining threats she alleged he had made to her daughter and she described him as controlling.

Mrs McDermott told gardaí that two or three times, she had to pick up her daughter from the house because Garda Harrison had thrown her out. 

She told the tribunal today that she stood over the statement made four years earlier.

She also said she had not been put under pressure by gardaí to make the statement despite saying that to the tribunal's investigators last month.

During the interview with the investigators on 23 August, Ms McDermott also told them that some elements of the statement had not been said by her to gardaí.

Today, she told the tribunal that was not the case and that she had simply had difficulty remembering all of the statement made four years earlier.

Garda Harrison's lawyer suggested to Mrs McDermott that a lot of her garda statement was inaccurate and she had not witnessed all the events.

Mrs McDermott agreed that some information was thirdhand and had come from Ms Simms' sister, Paula McDermott.  She later said she had not been speaking to Paula much around that time and that they were not on good terms now.

The tribunal was shown text messages sent from Mrs McDermott to her daughter in August and September 2013, where she urged Ms Simms to leave Garda Harrison.  Mrs McDermott also referred to him in the texts as a "scumbag", a "mad man" and a "b*****d".

Asked by Garda Harrison's lawyer if she said things she regretted afterwards, Mrs McDermott agreed that she had.

She also rang Donegal town Garda station twice to complain about Garda Harrison's behaviour towards her daughter.

It was the station where Garda Harrison was based at the time.

She was advised by Sgt David Durkin that Ms Simms would have to make a statement in order for an investigation to be initiated. 

Mrs McDermott said today that she just wanted Garda Harrison's superiors to have a word with him and she did not want it go any further.

Chairman of the tribunal Mr Justice Peter Charleton said it had gone a lot further than that.

Mrs McDermott also denied that she was the author of a letter sent to HSE social services in January 2012 alleging concerns for the children of Ms Simms and her then husband, Andrew Simms, citing Ms Simms having an extramarital relationship with Garda Harrison.