The solicitor representing the family of Ibrahim Halawa has called for a deadline to be imposed for Egypt to act in his case.

Mr Halawa's trial was suspended again last Monday without a verdict, until 18 September.

At a news conference this morning, solicitor Darragh Mackin said there was a real risk that if the trial did not conclude by the end of September, judges may be re-allocated in the trial and the trial may have to start again.

He said they cannot let a commitment given by the Egyptian President to deport Mr Halawa back to Ireland run into a third year.

He called for a deadline to be imposed for the Egyptian Government to act by September - otherwise he said the Irish Government should act to initiate legal proceedings through the European Court of Justice.

Mr Halawa, from Firhouse in Dublin, was jailed after being arrested during protests in Cairo in August 2013 and hearings related to that arrest have been adjourned and delayed repeatedly since then.

Speaking this morning, his sister Somaia said the current situation is torture for her family.

She said they now feel hopeless and that the delays were not just torturous for Mr Halawa, but also for the family.

Ms Halawa said she wakes up everyday worried if her father, who has a heart problem, will not be able to take this anymore.