At least 7,600 people with disabilities are on social housing waiting lists around the country.

Figures obtained by RTÉ's Morning Ireland show that at the end of June 2017, 7,632 people with intellectual, mental, physical and sensory issues were waiting for social housing.

600,000 people in Ireland - 13.5% of the population - are living with a disability.

A number of housing options are available for people with disabilities including affordable housing, grants for home adaptations, housing associations and local authority housing and loans.

In Dublin, 1,010 people with disabilities were waiting for social housing at the end of last month.

Despite the difference in population size, there were similar numbers in Galway city and county with 1,096 people with disabilities on the list.

392 people in Cork city and 623 in Cork county were waiting for accommodation at the start of June.

In Clare, 217 of 2,628 applicants waiting for social housing had disabilities while there were 170 people with disabilities waiting in Carlow.

Almost 3,000 people in Wexford are on the social housing waiting list - 528 of them were people with a disability.

Tipperary also saw high numbers - 369 people with disabilities were looking for social housing and 400 in Louth.

At the end of June, 337 people in Limerick and almost 500 people in Kerry, also with disabilities, were waiting for social housing.

Local authorities in Offaly and Kilkenny did not supply figures.

Figures from Central Statistics Office show that among people with disabilities, 34.8% are at risk of poverty.

In a statement to Morning Ireland, the Disability Federation of Ireland said it is "alarmed" but not surprised at the number of people with disabilities on social housing waiting lists.

It said the "deepening housing crisis is the main issue" and that "in the case of people with disabilities, an already chronic housing situation is intensified by increasing rates of poverty and unemployment amongst people with disabilities".

The DFI called on local authorities to follow up with targets for provision of accessible housing as the figures show the "need to both set and meet ambitious targets to address the problem".

An increase of at least €90 million in the Capital Assistance Scheme is needed, it said.

Statistics from local authorities also show that more than 83,440 people were on social housing waiting lists half-way through the year.

A spokesperson for Minister of State for Disability Issues Finian McGrath said he shares the concerns of the Disability Federation of Ireland about the number of people with disabilities on the social housing list.

He also said that Minister McGrath recognises the difficulties facing people with disabilities in finding appropriate housing and will ensure that these needs are incorporated into future housing policies.

The minister, he said, will continue to raise this issue and other issues of concern to people with disabilities at Cabinet meetings.