The Disclosures Tribunal has concluded hearings on its first section in relation to a false allegation in a Tusla file on Sergeant Maurice McCabe.

It will return in September to examine contacts between An Garda Síochána and Tusla in relation to another Garda whistleblower, Keith Harrison.

A Tusla social worker told the tribunal today that one year after he signed off on a correction to an allegation of child abuse made against Sgt McCabe, he felt clarity was still needed.

In 2006, an allegation of child sexual abuse was made against Sgt McCabe. 

It was dismissed by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In 2013, the allegation resurfaced and was incorrectly inflated to a more serious rape offence.

Tusla was told of the mistake in May 2014.

In June, principal social worker Seamus Deeney signed off on the amended Garda notification. This corrected most of the allegation.

In May 2015, another Tusla social worker, Kay McLoughlin, reviewed Sgt McCabe's file.

She sent an email to Mr Deeney and area manager Gerry Lowry saying the allegation had come back in "due to media coverage of Mr McCabe" and she was concerned because Sgt McCabe had never been met by the service.

Ms McLouglin attached a draft letter to officially notify Sgt McCabe of the allegation. However, she based the letter on the incorrect rape allegation.

SC Patrick Marrinan for the tribunal said surely Mr Deeney noticed that the letter related to the wrong allegation as he was in a unique position having signed off on the correction.

Mr Deeney said his response outlined steps to take to clarify the discrepancy. He felt clarity was needed as there were two Garda notifications on the file.

Chairman of the Tribunal Mr Justice Peter Charleton said he could not understand why Mr Deeney was saying there were two notifications on the file given that one had been withdrawn. 

Mr Deeney said there were "physically" two on the file.

The tribunal has heard that Ms McLoughlin did not complete the steps and the incorrect letter was sent to Sgt McCabe on 29 December 2015.

It was the first the sergeant knew of the rape allegation which had been in circulation since 2013.

Mr Marrinan asked if there was any excuse for the failure to spot the incorrect information in the letter which was actually sent.

Mr Deeney said it was the busyness of office and the pressure to get work done. 

He also said he was aware of Sgt MCCabe when the file came in, in relation Garda whistleblowing.

The tribunal has concluded hearings on this section and will return in September.