The largest public service union, IMPACT, has decided to recommend acceptance of the new public service pay agreement when its 60,000 members vote on it shortly.

The result of IMPACT's ballot on the extension to the Lansdowne Road Agreement, which was negotiated last week, will be announced on 17 July.

If accepted, by the end of the three year agremeent in 2020 90% of public servants (those earning under €70,000) will have had full restoration of all pay cuts imposed during the recession under the controversial FEMPI financial emergency legislation.

The value of the increases will range from 6 - 10%.

The remaining higher earners will achieve full restoration two years later.

Under the deal, public servants will preserve the benefits guaranteed under their pension schemes, but some will have to contribute more for their pensions, as the pension levy imposed during the economic crisis is converted into a permanent higher contribution.

However, by 2020 almost a quarter of public servants on lower pay grades will be exempt from the pension levy or the conversion to higher pension contributions.

Earlier, the Cabinet approved the new pay deal.

In a statement earlier, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform said the deal would award affordable pay increases, make pension provision more sustainable and secure industrial peace.

IMPACT Communications Director Bernard Harbor highlighted that unions had preserved protections against outsourcing, and noted that the agreement will also provide an avenue to address outstanding issues like current lower pay scales for staff recruited since 2010, and the recruitment and retention problems in certain sectors including health and social care professionals.

He said the executive believed the outcome of the recent talks is the best deal available through negotiations at this time.

Meanwhile, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation executive was also meeting to discuss the new pay agreement, but adjourned the meeting to tomorrow.