Retired public service employees are to demand that austerity cuts to their pensions be restored ahead of the current projected date of 2021.

The Alliance of Retired Public Servants, which represents 140,000 retirees, is to meet officials of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform this afternoon.

The alliance notes that the Programme for Partnership Government commits the Government to fully restore public service pensions by 2021.

However, it says that with on average 4,000 retirees dying each year, over 40,000 will have died on reduced pensions before that restoration date.

The alliance argues that this is unfair, as pensioners had contributed on the basis of full pensions throughout their working lives.

It will also be seeking increases for retirees on low pensions, some of whom receive €12,000 a year or less.

ARPS Chairperson Brian Burke notes that they have not had an increase in the ten years since 2007, while living costs had risen.