A lesser-known detour off the Ring of Kerry and a popular Dublin pub have been included in a newly-published list of Europe’s best “secret spots”.

Lonely Plant placed Kerry’s scenic Cromane Peninsula at a distinguished number five, ahead of dream destinations ranging from Italian olive groves to Berlin’s finest bars.

The low-lying spit at the western end of Castlemaine Harbour is lauded for the “open fields giving way to spectacular water vistas and multihued sunsets” which make it one of Europe’s top 50 “undiscovered and overlooked spots”.

Cromane’s Jack’s Coastguard Restaurant, according to the popular guide book publishers, “is a local secret and justifies the trip”.

Described as an “other-worldly experience”, Kavanagh’s pub in Glasnevin, Dublin is the second of two Irish locations to feature and comes in at number 46.

Situated beside Glasnevin Cemetery, the public house is more affectionately known as The Gravediggers.

This, the list says, is “due to 19th century funeral workers stopping off here for a pint after a hard day burying people”.

Owner Eugene Kavanagh told The Irish Times: “We’re a traditional pub and we carry on as we've always done but to be successful you also have to be different – which we also are”.  

Italy and the UK share the most mentions on the list, with five each, including East London venue Wilton’s Music Hall which is described as “a glorious and truly atmospheric surprise”.

Praised as “the travellers’ equivalent of a special restaurant that is your own little secret”, the Czech city of Olomouc tops the list.

As Lonely Planet describes: “The main square counts amongst the country’s most charming... The evocative central streets are dotted with beautiful churches, many of which play host to a thrilling history”.