A reptile enthusiast from Co Meath is appealing for help after his six-foot long (1.8m) snake was stolen.

The albino boa constrictor, named Jenga, was one of the first of its kind in Ireland.

Her owner Darren Ryan told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that he discovered the pet was stolen after returning home from work.

"I noticed the side gate of the house was open. I walked into the back and the log cabin was left open. There was water spilled on the floor, and I realised the snake was gone," he explained.

Mr Ryan says he is "100% certain" that Jenga was stolen, adding that four cars were also broken into in the neighbourhood.

The snake, which eats small rabbits and large rats, was kept in a tank, and has never escaped before.

Mr Ryan and his two children are looking for information on the missing snake.

"It’s not worth a hell of a lot of money, but it is a pet that has been taken from me," he said.