A resident of a HSE disability centre in Sligo told HIQA inspectors they felt like they were "treated like a baby", in one of two inspection reports published by the health watchdog.

The Health Information and Quality Authority found breaches of regulations in two Health Service Executive disability services.

Rosenheim Services in Sligo was found to be not compliant with nine regulations.

Inspectors found examples of disrespectful language used towards residents and one resident felt like they were "treated like a baby".

Residents told inspectors that they were not permitted treats when certain staff were on duty.

In some parts of the designated centre, there was insufficient staff in place and there was a large reliance on agency staff in some houses.

Inspectors found that residents had different experiences of care and support, depending on which house they resided in.

Some residents who inspectors spent time with said they were happy in the centre.

The centre outlined to HIQA that it would take steps to deal with the issues raised, including a staffing review.

Rosenheim consists of five residential houses and at the time of the inspection there were 18 residents.

In Co Tipperary, Damien House Services was found to be not compliant with eight regulations.

This was the third inspection of this centre in a year for the service which cares for 12 residents.

HIQA found that residents' finances were not managed in a safe way and during one fire drill, it took 20 minutes to evacuate residents.

Following a finding from a previous inspection, the service provider had initiated a detailed review of all of the resident's finances.

It identified further discrepancies, both over and under amounts in resident's accounts.

HIQA advised the provider to provide full details of these and the proposed actions taken to address the matter, including reporting to gardaí and reimbursement arrangements.

This was done by the service.

The inspectors observed that the residents' primary care needs were being addressed and they looked well cared for.