The village of Ginostra on Stromboli began sweeping away layers of ash, the day after a volcanic eruption on the tiny Italian island.

A 35-year-old hiker from Sicily was killed by hot rocks and fumes from the volcano.

Emergency workers brushed and scooped volcanic cinders from streets and the tiny harbour in the village at the foot of the still smoking volcano.

Canadair waterbombing planes battled to put out fires started by two massive explosions which sent plumes of smoke 2km into the sky.

"We've dropped 320 water loads and we're continuing," said forestry official Giovanni Giacoppo.

People were told not to swim in the sea because of the risk of mini tsunamis similar to those previous eruptions have caused.

Vulcanologists and locals told Italian media that given the previous day's two large explosions, the volcano was unlikely to erupt again in the near future.

Around 1,000 tourists fled the island aboard ferries to the nearby Calabrian coast. Seventy people were evacuated from Ginostra, on the volcano's southwest flank.