Minister for the Environment Richard Bruton has said single use items will be a main focus of the Government's new waste strategy.

Measures will include the proposed banning of putting clothes and textiles into wheelie bins.

Tobacco companies would be forced to pay for the collection and processing of cigarette butts and brown bins for food waste are set to become compulsory, including for apartments.

Mr Bruton said this is part of a wider "single use philosophy" that we need to change.

The minister said there are 75 measures that could be implemented that could have a quick and positive impact.

He said people need to be more aware of what they use and throw away

"We just have to become much more sensitive to what we're using and what we are throwing away because of its impact.

"The waste in itself is very negative in terms of climate, but also a lot of this waste and single use plastic ends up in our oceans, where it does extraordinary damage to sea life, or it ends up as litter and is a real headache."