In any election campaign, you are likely to hear a huge variety of political clichés.

"The only poll that matters is election day" - is typically used by politicians whose poll ratings are plummeting. "The people will decide!" (Well, duh! We are a democracy, we know that much).

And of course, the old gem, "All politics is local", a stock-in-trade phrase most associated with an Irish-American politician, former Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill.

But how right he was! And in this podcast, we explore exactly how true that cliché is.

Ireland's 26 counties are divided into 40 constituencies, reflecting our constitutional provision that there must be one TD for every 20,000 people, minimum, 30,000 people, maximum.

Each of these constituencies is a hotbed of internal and external political rivalries and when tensions spill over, it's murder on the dancefloor!

Rachael English is joined by journalist Lise Hand and political commentator Johnny Fallon, who both revel in observing those rivalries.

Completing the line-up is former Fianna Fáil TD Charlie O'Connor, who reflects on what that great cliché means in practice. All politics is local!