Residents on Clare Island have expressed concern about conflicting information in relation to polling times for voting in the General Election.

Some voters registered on Clare Island received polling cards with incorrect voting times printed on them.

As a result, a number of people travelled to the island's only polling station on Thursday 25 February, only to find it had closed at 7pm, instead of 8pm.

Voters on several islands cast their ballots a day before those living on the mainland.

The Returning Officer for Mayo has said he understands the frustration of those who could not vote in the election as a result of the error.

Fintan Murphy said he was not aware of the mistake on the day and only learned of the problem subsequently.

Mr Murphy said he had run newspaper advertisements with the correct polling times for Clare Island in advance of the election and had given details on local radio.

He said he understood that people would be aggrieved if they could not cast their votes.