Labour's Alex White has defended the party's role in government on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, saying it was "absolutely indispensable in defending the most vulnerable".

The Minister for Communications said a study has now shown the party had kept two thirds of its election commitments made in 2011 while in government.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Mr White said that the Labour Party had helped to rebuild the economy, to create jobs, had built schools, protected basic social welfare payments and ensured the dole was not cut.

He said in the face of economic catastrophe, the party had succeeded in protecting a "basic standard of living".

He accepted there had been cuts to job seekers' allowance and to child benefit and that there is much left to do to end the cycle of poverty.

He said any smaller party will not achieve all it sets out to do in government, but said Labour had kept many promises in introducing marriage equality, dealing with the X-case and protecting the vulnerable.