The latest RED C opinion poll for the Sunday Business Post suggests a drop in support for Fine Gael and gains for Sinn Féin. The survey of voters was carried out between Monday and Thursday.

At almost the half-way point in this General Election campaign, this opinion poll may cause surprise in Fine Gael. Excluding the 12% of undecided voters the party is down two points to 28%.

Their coalition partners, Labour, is unchanged on 8% since last week. Fianna Fáil is also unchanged on 18%.

However, Sinn Féin's support has risen by three points to 20%. The rise in support for Sinn Féin has come on a week when the party faced much criticism from opponents over its stance on non-jury courts.

Meanwhile, Independents and others are down one point to 26%. Within that, Independents are on 16% (the Independent Alliance is at 3%). The Social Democrats are at 4%, The Anti Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit party is at 3%, the Greens are on 2% and Renua is at 1%.

All changes are within the 3% margin of error.