The Green Party has launched its General Election manifesto, which prioritises investment in infrastructure, young people and community development.

The manifesto sets out an investment plan for the next generation.

In keeping with the election theme "think ahead, act now", its central focus is on the new national plan which integrates economic planning, community development and care for the environment.

The Green Party is proposing an extra €1.1bn increase in budget spending annually over and above existing commitments.

The party argues that application of more transparent rules to multinationals could deliver about €1.5bn in additional revenue over the lifetime of the next government.

It is proposing holding a referendum to enshrine housing as a social right in the Constitution, converting State lands for social use and establishing a national housing authority.

It also wants a referendum to copper-fasten the public ownership of water and a total overhaul of the utility Irish Water.

The party envisages a fossil fuel free economy by 2050 after what it says will be a massive investment in national energy policy.

There would be an investment of €1.6bn over the lifetime of the government in promoting public transport and cycling.

A so-called citizens trust fund would see €5,000 invested for every child born, to mature in 20 years to fund third-level education.