Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has pledged that, in government, Sinn Féin would create 250,000 additional jobs, abolish water charges and the property tax.

Speaking at the launch of the party's election manifesto, he said his party would take nearly 300,000 citizens out of the Universal Social Charge net.

The party also reiterated its position to abolish the Special Criminal Court.

Mr Adams said Sinn Féin would replace the Offences against the State Act with the "normal rule of law".

Sinn Féin is planning to have €8.6bn for its plans while raising a further €1.7bn in net taxes.

It would introduce a new third rate of tax with 7% on income over 100,000, it also plans to introduce betting and sugar taxes.

In relation to the USC, those earning below €19,500 would be exempt.

It has earmarked €3.3bn for health and across the board it plans to recruit 6,600 frontline workers and reverse the closure of Garda stations.

The party also wants to increase the disability allowance, cap childcare costs and reinstate jobseekers' allowance for the under-26s.

In other areas, it will abolish upward only rents, which the Fine Gael/ Labour government said was not possible legally, and it wants to bring in rent certainty.

On health, Mr Adams pledged that the party's plan is to move from the two-tier, public-private system to a universal health service, free at the point of delivery to all citizens as a right.

On the homeless crisis, he said Sinn Féin is committed to building 100,000 social and affordable homes and to guaranteeing rent certainty.

Sinn Féin's manifesto contains a plan to deliver 250,000 jobs over the next five years - 180,000 from projected economic growth.

The party says its investment programme would deliver a minimum of 62,000 other jobs.

Mr Adams pledged to have a referendum on a united Ireland, introduce Northern Ireland representation in the Dáil and extend Presidential voting rights to citizens in the North and the Diaspora.

On the Irish language, Sinn Féin would appoint a senior cabinet minister with responsibility for Gaeltacht Affairs and An Gaeilge.

Doherty outlines Sinn Féin's economic plan

Party finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty said Sinn Féin is using the net fiscal space of €8.6bn as provided by the Department of Finance.

He said that Sinn Féin would take in €1.7bn in net taxes, with €366m from savings in public expenditure, giving a total spend available of €10.6bn.

Current expenditure would amount to €6.3bn, capital expenditure of €3.13bn and there would be unallocated capital/current expenditure of €1.2bn, giving a total expenditure of €10.6bn.

Mr Doherty said it is their intention to keep AIB in State ownership for five years.

The party also intends to review the credit union lending restrictions.

Mr Adams said the recent shootings in Dublin were carried out by thugs and gangsters.

He questioned the use of Garda resources, saying 30 gardaí were supervising the installation of water metres in Dublin yesterday.

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald pledged that the party would prioritise safety by recruiting 3,000 additional gardaí to restore An Garda Síochána force levels to 14,250.

She said last night's fatal shooting happened in her constituency and that the people of Dublin Central have suffered from lack of Garda visibility.