The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is making a final call on young people to make sure they are registered to vote.

The deadline for inclusion on the supplementary register is tomorrow.

NYCI deputy director James Doorley said: "We are especially anxious to ensure that the 59,000 young people who have turned 18 in the last 12 months are included in the electoral register and can exercise their democratic right."

Any young person who is 18 years of age on or before polling day, 26 February, is eligible to vote.

If they are not currently registered, they can do so by downloading and filling in the RFA2 form at

This form must be stamped at a garda station and returned to the local authority before close of business tomorrow.

Likewise, if a young person wishes to change their registration address, they need to complete an RFA3 form, get it stamped and return it to the local authority by the deadline.

The applications must be completed and posted today so that the relevant local authority receives them on time.

"For almost every election, we get calls from young people who have missed the registration deadline and are disappointed that they cannot vote," Mr Doorley said.

"We urge young people to make sure they are registered and not to leave it to the last minute, so that they can vote in the upcoming General Election."