"Five into four will not go" in Cork South-Central.

A reshuffle means a five-seat constituency now becomes a four-seater, which is bad news for at least one of the five outgoing TDs in the "home of the political heavyweight".

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin along with running mate Michael McGrath, Simon Coveney and Jerry Buttimer of Fine Gael as well as Labour's Ciaran Lynch are the current five in situ in Cork South-Central.

In a report for RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Justin McCarthy looked further into what will be one of the most-watched constituencies in Election 2016.

Mary Smithwick, Political Editor for the Evening Echo, commented: "Someone is going to lose out because quite obviously five-into-four does not go...

"They are very high-profile TDs, they are ones that would have a very 'national' profile as well as a local profile and to be fair to all of them - any one of them would be a loss, not just on a local level but on the national scene as well."

Mr Lynch, for his part, feels the election is effectively already decided, it is merely the fine print that is left to figure out.

He said: "I feel the election is already decided - Fine Gael will form the next government. Who will they be with is the question? 

"Will it be with the Labour Party to ensure that the stability that has already been restored is kept going?

"Will it be that Fine Gael are in there on there own? I don't think that anyone wants to see a single-party government anymore.

"Or will they be depending on a number of independents across the country which brings its own level of instability."

In 2011, the constituency bucked the national trend by returning two TDs from Fianna Fáil.

Polls suggest that the party's popularity may have risen still in the intervening years.

Mr Martin, however, does point out that he sees "a lot of apathy not just towards us but towards politics in general" in the area.

Seen as the one "certainty" in the constituency, Mr Coveney was keen to express caution, adding that while he generally polls well in the run up to elections, the reality is usually a much tighter affair.

Mr Coveney is also keen to see his "hard working" fellow Fine Gael representative Mr Buttimer retain his seat.

As well as the outgoing TDs, many others are vying for a seat in Cork South-Central.

For Justin McCarthy's report in full, listen here...