Sixteen intercultural ambassadors have graduated from the first programme of its kind in Dublin's northeast inner city.

Their aim is to highlight cultural integration and celebrate diversity in one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse places in the country.

Over 40% of the population in the area is made up of people who were not born in Ireland.

The ambassadors represent 12 countries, four continents and speak a total of 21 languages between them.

Among those to sign up to the role is Ana Moraes. Originally from Brazil, she is living in the area for the last seven years.

She said that she likes living there and wants others who live there, especially migrants, to feel the same, to feel safe and feel welcome in this part of the city.

Dubliner Joe Treacy, 70, said that he chose to become an ambassador because he feels the project addresses a definite inner city need.

He said that as an ambassador he wants to provide some guidance to the different communities in the area.

Mr Treacy said that he has also increased his knowledge and understanding of other nationalities by taking part in the project.

The initiative is from Dublin City Council and Dublin's North East Inner City Task force for the social and economic regeneration of the area.

Joy Eniola, Intercultural Development Coordinator at NEIC, said the programme is looking at integration in the community.

She said that the ambassadors have identified three main areas that they want to focus on, including celebrating diversity, addressing barriers for migrants, such as the issues of racism, discrimination and accessing services and information.

Ms Eniola said that the ambassadors are also passionate about using spaces, such as parks and public spaces, to further advance interculturalism in the area.

She said that the programme it is not just about migrants or people from different countries, but also trying to touch on diversity, such as age and life experience as well.

A live intercultural concert takes place this Sunday in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Sean McDermott Street.

Global Village is part of celebrations for Dublin City Council’s Inclusion and Integration Week 2021.