A 36% rise in the toll for the East Link Bridge is to be put to Dublin City councillors.

If agreed at the monthly meeting, the toll would increase from €1.40 to €1.90 for private cars on what is officially named as the Tom Clarke Bridge.

The increase was first proposed in November 2019 as part of a series of measures to fill a funding shortfall for the city council.

The move, which requires a change to the bylaws, was deferred because of Covid, but with traffic on the bridge back to 85% of pre-pandemic levels it is now appropriate to consider the consultation report, according to assistant chief executive Brendan O'Brien.

The consultation only received four submissions from members of the public and none opposed the increase.

The East Link Bridge was constructed by private operators, but came back into public ownership in 2015.

It opened in 1984 under a 30-year public-private partnership.

The income had been split between the City Council who got 17%, the Dublin Port Company (25%) and the Dutch operating company DIF (58%).

Now the council gets 100% of the approximately €4m annual income generated by tolls.

Councillors have been told that the extra €1.9m to be raised from the increased tolls would be spent on road improvement.