Diageo has been placed on a priority list for enforcement action by the Environmental Protection Agency over noise emissions at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin.

The EPA said it has received 76 complaints this year about noise from tanker filling stations at the St James's Gate plant.

Residents of The Maltings apartment complex on Bonham St are the ones most affected by the noise.

The EPA said Diageo was placed on the updated National Priority Sites list at the end of March.

It said the list was used to target enforcement effort at the "poorest performing sites" in order to drive improvements in environmental compliance.

The EPA said its monitoring, since March 2020, found that Diageo were exceeding noise limits during both the evening and the night time.

It said: "Diageo Ireland are implementing a phased programme of measures, which includes procedural and infrastructural improvements, to address noise.

"Phase 1 of this programme restored compliance with evening time noise limits but did not result in compliance with the night time noise limits."

In a statement, Diageo said it had "engaged extensively" with the residents and the EPA to deal with the noise issue.

"We will shortly complete a major programme of works to reduce noise from our operations. We expect this to have a significant impact and will be carrying out ongoing monitoring to confirm this."

Diageo is one of just four companies on the EPA's National Priority List and the only one in Dublin.