A move to designate the Dublin's Moore Street as an Architectural Conservation Area (ACA) has been unanimously passed by city councillors.

An emergency motion from Councillor Donna Cooney (Green) was backed by 39 other elected members from different parties.

Cllr Cooney said the motion was being tabled "to help influence any development is in keeping with the unique character of Moore Street prior to a planning application which is due to be submitted in April".

It has been reported that the owners, British developers Hammersons, are again changing plans for the site known as Dublin Central which is bounded by O'Connell Street, Parnell Street, Moore Street and Henry Street.

The company had originally announced they were going to change the existing permission for a massive shopping centre to a more mixed development with smaller, on-street retail outlets.

It has been reported that plans are going to be changed again before a planning application is made with retail reduced to 10% and the majority being office and residential development.

Cllr Cooney said O'Connell Street and North Great Georges Street had received architectural conservation protection.

She said it is "unbelievable" that Moore Street with its unique history and a 1916 National Monument has not got similar protection.

"Surely the birth place of our nation and an area steeped in history that includes one of the oldest surviving Dublin street trader markets deserves to be zoned as an ACA."

The move is within the powers of councillors to do as a variation of the development plan.

The motion was passed unanimously.