Residents of Dublin's Sandymount say a majority of public submissions were against an on road cycle track until Dublin City Council extended a consultation period.

The Sepentine Tritonville Claremont (STC) Group have released data from an FOI request on the consultation for the Beach Road survey.

Beach Road received a separate consultation from the main project for the Strand Road Cycleway.

The STC said that when the consultation finished on 8 January there were 742 submissions in favour of keeping Beach Road two-way for cars, compared to 556 in favour of banning Northbound traffic to allow a two-way cycleway on the road.

However, after the consultation was extended for two weeks the situation reversed with 1,736 submissions supporting a one-way system for vehicles, including a last minute rush on the day before the closing date, compared to just 1,284 in favour of two-way.

There were also a higher number of non-residents compared to residents in the extension period.

In a statement Dublin City Council said it had no preference for a two-way or one-way for vehicles on Beach Road, as it does not affect plans for Strand Road.

It said it had agreed to keep this section of Beach Road two-way for vehicles at the request of the National Transport Authority (NTA), who wanted it to remain that way for bus services.

The council designed this section for a two-way cycle track on the footpath and a two-way for vehicles on the road and this was the scheme that went out to initial consultation. 

However, then the NTA indicated that they did not need this section on Beach Road to be two-way.

The public was then asked in a consultation to decide whether Beach Road should be one-way or two-way for vehicles.

The statement added that the consultation was extended following a request from the disability officer in the NTA, who needed additional time to consult with particular organisations.

The city council stated it was willing to implement either design and added that it is normal for submissions to arrive en masse at the end of a consultation period.

Separately, the council said it has finished consultation with Irish Rail about a new traffic layout for the Merrion Gates as part of the Strand Road Cycleway scheme.

Traffic would only be allowed to travel Southbound but a new right hand turn would be allowed for motorists coming out of the level crossing at the Merrion Gates facilitating Northbound travel on Merrion Road.