The pitch and putt course in Dublin's Edenmore Park has been saved from closure following a campaign by local residents.

Dublin City Council had wanted to permanently close the facility, which was shut down because of Covid-19 "prioritisation", according to the Head of Parks, Leslie Moore.

The council had been accused of using Covid as an excuse to close the Raheny course, but it argued that other parks should be prioritised during the pandemic.

It said the course was not viable to reopen, as takings had dropped from from €14,000 in 2010 to €4,000 last year, while costing €60,000 a year to maintain.

A report highlighted the drop in usage at the course in recent years, along with problems of anti-social activity on the four hectare facility.

It said staff who take cash at the course have been attacked, while the fencing and perimeter planting made it hard to police the area.

However, after representations from local club members and councilors, the council has agreed restore half the area for a nine-hole pitch and putt course, with the remainder being used for parkland.

Mr Moore stated in an updated report to councilors that vegetation will be cut back to allow greater visibility to prevent "anti-social and criminal activity", while course fees will no longer be paid in cash to prevent staff being attacked.

The new plan was accepted today by the North Central Committee.