A new website launched by Dublin City Council will allow people to check the air quality in their area.

The website will provide real-time information to the public about the quality of air as well access to the council's sound level monitoring network.

Information from six air quality stations set up by Dublin City Council as well eight existing stations operated by the council and the Environmental Protection Agency will be available.

The air pollutants monitored include a number of gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide as well as very fine dust particles.

Dublin City Council said all of these pollutants are of concern from a human health perspective so the website also provides information on the National Air Quality Index for Health.

The public will also be able to access to 13 sound level monitoring stations that are placed in locations across the city which will allow people to check the ambient sound levels within that general area.

The launch of the website comes in the weeks after Dublin became the first Irish city to sign up to the global BreatheLife campaign, a commitment to meet WHO air quality guideline values by 2030.

The website cane be accessed at dublincityairandnoise.ie