The company that operates the Luas in Dublin says there has been an increase in the number of incidents between trams and motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Transdev has released new CCTV footage of crashes and near misses as part of a safety awareness campaign to highlight risky behaviour.

This month marks 15-years since passenger services started on the Luas Green Line on 30 June 2004.

However, the company says while trams are now a familiar sight, some people are continuing to take risks when crossing tracks.

Luas drivers have been reporting incidents of pedestrians not looking left and right and walking out in front of trams, with some motorists and cyclists breaking red lights.

Transdev Managing Director Seamus Egan said: "People have become familiar with Luas, and with familiarity sometimes comes complacency."

He reminded people that "a tram is on a fixed track, it cannot swerve, and it needs more time to brake than a road vehicle."

Mr Egan also said: "Not only is the motorist gambling with his or her life and the lives of others, a collision with a tram results in significant delays to, or curtailment of service for Luas customers."