A western lowland gorilla has been born at Dublin Zoo.

The baby gorilla was born to first-time parents, mother Kafi and father Bangui.

Kafi gave birth on 1 April, and the infant weighed around 2-2.5kg.

Zookeepers have so far been unable to determine the gender of the baby, as Kafi has been keeping it close to her chest since birth.

Helen Clarke-Bennett, Team Leader of the African Plains at Dublin Zoo, said that the new birth is "a great step forward for this critically endangered species".

She added: "Kafi is doing a fantastic job so far as a first-time mother, keeping the young baby physically close in these crucial early stages.

"Bangui is proving to be an attentive father and at night has been sleeping close to Kafi and the baby.

"Kafi seems comfortable and at ease and we expect her to mix with the rest of the gorilla troop very soon."

Zookeepers say Kafi has been keeping the baby close to her chest since birth