Massgoers in some Dublin parishes will soon be able to make contactless payments when making an offering in church.

Due to a decline in financial contributions to the church, the Archdiocese of Dublin has introduced several new ways of making payments over the past decade.

As the number of people attending mass has declined, parish finances have suffered with less money being given in the collection plate.

As a result, the archdiocese has already introduced direct debit payments for the 'family offering', which was traditionally collected from houses in parish envelopes.

Now a pilot scheme is to be introduced in a small number of parishes where card machines will be available at the back of the church for people to make contactless contributions.

The archdiocese also plans to roll out card-based payments in the majority of parishes so people can pay for offerings and pilgrimages, as well as sign-up for recurring contributions.

The advances in technology do not, however, mean the end of the traditional collection plate or basket as these will continue for the foreseeable future, according to the archdiocese.