A plan to turn a derelict site into a green space following a long running campaign by Dublin city residents is finally ready for approval by councillors.

Local residents in the south city had taken over the derelict site at Bridgefoot Street and turned it into a community space including allotments but the city council had earmarked the site for 100 housing units.

However local groups pointed out that the area is already the most densely populated in the State with the amount of green space a fraction of that recommended by international standards.

The city council agreed to turn the entire site into a park and in a report to councillors said features will include "flexible use open space, allotments and community gardens, café space, terraced performance area, passive recreation and informal and formal play".

Local councillors have welcomed the plan which is expected to be approved at a council meeting next Monday night.

People Before Profit's Cllr Tina McVeigh said the plan shows what a community campaign can achieve "when a need is identified and that credit has to given to the city council for responding to that need".

The one hectare site has been derelict since the original Bridgefoot St flats were demolished in 2003 while a proposed public private partnership development collapsed during the recession.

Fifty-eight social housing units will be to be developed on an adjacent site next to existing student accommodation.