Bus journey times along Dublin's quays have improved by up to 45% because of new traffic measures, according to the National Transport Authority.

Furthermore, the Automobile Association has said the congestion that was feared as a result of reducing general traffic to one lane has not yet materialised.

The NTA said the greatest saving of 45% was found on the North Quays between 9am and 10am by comparing bus journey times in September with the same period last year.

On the South Quays the greatest time savings were between 5pm and 6pm when it was 38%.

NTA CEO Anne Graham said: "We were always confident that not only would they deliver faster journey times for passengers, but that they would also free up scarce road space and make provision for even more buses along these stretches."

AA Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan said new bus prioritisation measures had not led to congestion on the Quays for motorists but traffic levels had increased in other areas such the North Circular Road and Amiens St.

He also said the effect on non-commuter traffic such as shoppers and on city businesses had yet to be established.