A Dublin business group says it wants more organisation of the different homelessness charities operating in the city centre.

In its recently published five-year renewal plan, DublinTown says the Grafton Street area has "borne the brunt" of much of the city's homelessness crisis.

"This has resulted in people sleeping in doorways, a heavy incidence of begging, and well-meaning charities providing services that could be better managed," the report states.

DublinTown's report calls for a "more structured" approach to homelessness charities with supports being coordinated through the official body, the Dublin Region Homeless Executive.

The DRHE, which is responsible for emergency accommodation, says it convenes a meeting of 21 voluntary groups twice a year to reiterate the need for responsible practice.

In a statement, the executive said: "We would have concerns about voluntary groups who, while well meaning, may not have the professional competencies to support particularly vulnerable individuals, and may not have appropriate vetting and child-protection structures in place." 

In its renewal report DublinTown, which runs a Business Improvement District scheme in the city centre, says it will increase evening street cleaning and the removal of cardboard and waste material left behind after rough sleepers.

The organisation says it will work closely with gardaí "who encourage rough sleepers to visit venues where breakfast is provided along with washing facilities".

It also wants garda initiatives to tackle drug activity and anti-social activity, which have had success in the north city area.

Anthony Flynn of Inner City Helping Homeless, an established group which provides night-time soup runs and outreach services, said the main reason for homeless people congregating is the lack of beds.

He says 200 more are needed at present.

Businesses concerned about homeless people should contact his organisation to engage with them, he added.