Only 10% of the 3,500 homes in the new Poolbeg West development can be required to be social housing according to council planners.

Dublin City Council Chief Executive Owen Keegan is facing calls from councillors to increase the social housing provision for the Strategic Development Zone plan for the Poolbeg peninsula.

But in his reply to a number of submissions, Mr Keegan said it is not legally possible to require more than 10%, and any increase in social housing or provision of affordable housing can only be done with the agreement of the Department of Housing and the landowners involved.

The chairman of the council’s housing committee, Sinn Féin Cllr Daithí Doolan, was among a number of councillors to propose motions to increase the ratio of social and affordable housing ahead of a special meeting next Thursday.

Mr Doolan said social and affordable housing should be 50% of the development.

He pointed out that the Land Initiative, a public-private partnership involving the redevelopment of 1,700 homes at O’Devaney Gardens, Oscar Traynor and St Michael’s Estate sites, aims to deliver 30% social, 20% affordable and 50% private.

Mr Keegan said these sites were different as they are wholly owned by the council and said that in the case of Poolbeg West 10% is all that can be legally required.

He pointed out that the Department of Housing itself favoured an additional 10% for affordable housing but this will require the agreement of landowners.

He added "in considering the appropriate percentage increase in social/affordable housing, the Planning Authority must be conscious that too high a percentage would not result in a socially cohesive neighbourhood in the longer term and could undermine the viability of the entire development. The City Council’s experience is that large single-tenure housing schemes have failed in the past."

But Mr Keegan added that too low a proportion of social housing would not provide the desired diversity.

He recommended that councillors agree a percentage at the meeting next Thursday.

Meanwhile, Mr Keegan said it is up to Dublin Port to provide land for the proposed Dublin Bay Studios.

Independent Cllr Mannix Flynn had asked for media and film production to be mentioned in the SDZ as there is land in Poolbeg not suitable for housing.

The chief executive said housing was the priority but that the council would agree to a motion supporting media and film production uses.