Outreach teams have said the number of rough sleepers in Dublin is on the rise again, despite the provision of hundreds of extra emergency beds.

Dublin Simon recorded 103 people sleeping rough in the city centre on Tuesday while the group Inner City Helping Homeless found 115 on Thursday.

This compares to Dublin Simon counts on 5 January which found 59 people and 3 January which found 61.

Three new hostels started opening last December providing a total of 230 new beds.

The official Rough Sleeper Count for spring 2017 was carried out last night but the official results will not be known until next week. 

This takes in the whole Dublin region and some homelessness charities expect that the number will exceed last year's spring count of 102.

The Dublin Region Homeless Executive had planned to open another two hostels but is still trying to find available locations.

A historic building in Aungier Street was being converted for use before it was discovered that proper notice had not been given for the works.

This plan is not now going ahead.