The Garda Commissioner has said gardaí are not investigating any crimes in relation to reports of thousands of intimate images of Irish women being released on the internet without the women's consent.

Drew Harris said gardaí have examined more than 10,000 images and found no images of child abuse.

He also said gardaí have not received any complaints from anyone alleging image-based sexual abuse, coercion or harassment in relation to these images.

The commissioner said the website hosting these images is not based in Ireland, but gardaí have been in touch with law enforcement in the host country who have helped with their inquiries.

A victims' group had reported that hundreds of thousands of intimate images of Irish women had been stolen and released online without their consent, but the commissioner said gardaí have found no evidence of this.

However, he did appeal to anyone who fears or believes they may be a victim of this type of crime forward.

Commissioner Harris said gardaí have specialist teams who can engage with victims and investigate these matters.