Gardaí have seized 20,000 counterfeit electronic products which they believe were destined for the Christmas market.

The haul includes game console controllers, ear phones, USB plugs, phone chargers, mobile phones and hard drives.

The goods were found following searches at two premises in Dublin

Branded packaging in the name of reputable companies such as Sony and Apple for 10,000 of the products, as well as documentation has also been seized.

The Garda's Intellectual Property Crime Unit says the fake electronic goods are estimated to be worth over €300,000.

They were discovered following searches at two premises, a home and a business in Dublin yesterday.

The haul includes game console controllers, mobile phones and hard drives

The searches were carried out under Operation Bannister, set up to target criminal gangs involved in the sale of counterfeit electronic products of inferior quality.

Investigations are continuing and have involved the taking of statements from relevant potential witnesses.

Gardaí say further searches and arrests are expected.

They also say they are working with Europol and 20 other countries investigating the international dimension of the crime, including the seizure of fake Covid-19 medical equipment and counterfeit goods hidden behind online deals.